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January 11, 2009


Bee Rozatti

Happy New Year A! Your #1 fan checking in. . .I still wait patiently for any of your new work each month & am never disappointed! Truly enjoy how your work evolves & now that you are writing longer blog entries, it's an added plus. Thanks for sharing your workroom! You inspire me.


thank you for sharing your space, anja!! i love to see that your space is constantly evolving...just like your work. i get weirded out by spaces that are just so "perfect"...i wonder if anything ever gets made in them!! :)

Beth D

I think your room is awesome! I have a little corner of a room so I am completely jealous! And I know you want curtains...but it looks like you get some wonderful light in there! Thanks for sharing!

Sarah Hodgkinson

Great space, lady!
Happy b-day, my friend...hope to see you in this new year.


I'm working from a new home-new crafty space, and I'm grateful for this peek into yours! I love the dove grey color, and am inspired to organize! :)


Your room is awesome!! Have a wonderful weekend..xoxo Sue.

holy land tours

Work Room tour thats exactly she done.Your room is good dear but you can make it even better.Nice fabric you have...by seeing your room one can say that you are not very well organised but you try to organise things in the best possible way..so keep doing good work..

Gail Connick

With that kind of setup, people can certainly find where an item is placed. I mean, just look at it. Everything's well sorted out. Anyone could definitely work faster with that kind of organizing!

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